Zinus Memory Foam 12 inch Green Tea Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

If you are looking for the best mattress, then Zenus Memory Foam 12 Ich can be your choice. The bed is unique and is green tea exact that inserts into the product to make it fresh for a long time, and you will stop off-gassing. If you shop from Zenu.com, you have a high chance of getting free shipping, and you will be given 100-night free trial.  The maker of the mattress claims that dust mites cannot enter the memory foam, and this is true as you compare to another bed. The mattress is quite a complex combination that is bound to provide the sleeper with the firm and is comfortable. However, this mattress is best for the people who are a side sleeper. If you get the type of mattress, you will have to sleep decent for a couple of the year. It affordable as you can check below explained in detail.

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress Reviews

If you are searching for the excellent memory foam mattress, that turns your attention to the green tea mattress that transported you from the Zinus. The innovation design of the Zinus memory foam that safeguards comfort foam. This is a unique mattress that will authorization your body to engage green tea exact and active charcoal as additional night sleep.

Zinus promises to be a pioneer of the sleep and with this mattress. The mattress has several layers of the foam that contributes to the softness and comfort — the most important thing with the bed that is quite affordable. The mattress has a premium cover, and excellent airflow keeps night cool and bracing. However, zinus is a manufacture premium mattress, pillow, and other bedding. Additionally, it claims that dust mites cannot enter the memory foam; thus, why the type of memory foam is naturally antimicrobial. The company is over 35 years of production, and its product is reliable, and it boasts the highest quality talent.

Key features

  • Foam Layer

The zinus memory foam 12 inch is placed onto the others, and together they foam a mattress. Therefore, the first layer consists of the 3-inch thick memory foam. The beneath is comfort foam, which is thick 2 inches, and the comfort foam is in two layers that are; high-density airflow foam of 3.5 inches and the lowest one that serves base support. Therefore, the combination is bound to give the sleeper a comfortable night. Due to the layer of the mattress, you are guaranteed of the comfortable

  • Durability

The material is used for the creation of the mattress that is complex and diverse. Since the mattress is made to last for a long time, its content is created from China, and it requires careful handling to remain in one piece. Once the mattress has arrived in your house from the market, you need to use the sharp object for unpicking since it is severe. You will find out that the foam is used certified with the Certus-US, and you are guaranteed the durability, content, and performance.

  • Airflow

Allow 72 hours for the mattress to expand fully and for any potential odor to dissipate. You can remove all the bedsheets from the mattress, and you let the air out of the well-ventilated space to enter. The excellent airflow used to cool the mattress.

  • Warranty and shipping

Zinus is quite flexible, and it can be used to crumpled down into a box that will come to your address. You are given 72 hours from the day you unpack your mattress before you can start using it. That is the amount of the time you are assigned to restore to the original state. You will get five years warranty from the company that is the offer zinus give.

Zinus Mattress Experience

Zinus mattress is known for causing back pain or any other kind of pain. The edge of the mattress used to support is weak, and it becomes crowded on the cushion. You sleep more than two you will have an uncomfortable night. Since the foam is from China, it kept terrible conditions before you deliver. They tent to have a distinct stench that is not unpleasant but good as well because you will expose to certain a number of the toxin from your memory foam. Zinus will solve the problem with the additional natural element into such charcoal and the green tea essence, thus why it used to minimize both toxic off-gassing and smell.


The Zenus memory mattress foam 12-inch green tea mattress made up of the four-layer of the structures.


  • Easy to unpack
  • Affordable price
  • It extended durability
  • It has no significant weak on the side
  • It is very high if you combine with a 5-inch box spring and 7-inch bedframe; it will be on perfect height for you to just lay down.
  • Soft and beautiful covering that will attract you to sleep on
  • If you are looking for warm mattress zenus best for warm temperature
  • It takes only a few hours to fully decomposes


  • It is not cooling gel mattress
  • It has a slight bounce
  • You can also see the layer made of the material in case you rub your hand up and down
  • It is tall compared to others
  • It can take one month for the smelling chemical to leave on your bed.
  • Little price
  • Some times the client complained how it ages after one year

Buying Guide of the Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green tea Mattress


The price for the queen-size mattress is usually under $300, which is very affordable as you compare to another mattress. Zinus sells its mattress under different names, but what differs from all of them is the thickness of the layer.


One of the essential things you need to check before buying a mattress is the thickness. Maybe you will sleep more than one person; then you need to look for a thicker mattress. That will depend on the weight of the material.


The density that used for a mattress is critical to consider. You need to check the different frequencies that made from the mattress. You will get information that specified per brand and model.


You need to check a comfortable mattress, a better bed will not cause back pain to you if you sleep.


You need to check the heaviness of the mattress if there is the weight. The density of the product means it is hard for the people to move it from place to place. The lightweight of the zenus mattress allows the product to be comparison easier.


The zenus 12-inch gel-infused green tea memory foam mattress that has a different size; Twin, Full. Queen. You need to check the size that fits you well and your family.


According to the popularity sinus 12-inch green tea mattress, it is excellent as you compare to another competitor. It has a review of more than 12000 daily this makes it famous. It also continues to perform excellently in the market.

Final thought

For you to get the best Zinus 12 is not a big problem. This mattress is well known as the brand that has lived up to the expectation. So you expect the best from this company, as mentioned above. Most of the review speaks about how menus work better than other foam mattresses.

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