Lucid 5inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid 5inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID 5-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress has structures out of a hundredCerti-Pur-US specialized memory foam and a 10-year warranty that backing its premium materials. The mattress is genuinely innovative that shows a variety of quality characteristics. It has a consumer recognize it for the overall performance and support. It has a firm feels that quickly conforms to the body to support and relieve pressure. It also includes a gel mattress that consists of a soft Tencel blend cover that is easy to set up.

Lucid 5inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Lucid 5’’Gel mattresses are truly meet the company standing, and it offers top-quality harvests that meet client condition and expectation. Due to the low-profile, this is the perfect choice for the kids’ bed or the saving mattress. It provides the consumer with a comprehensive range of features, reliability, and price, and its quality craft is also still famous. The two independent firmness and attractive are design and combined with its four stores that are comfort and support you when you are sleeping.

Key Features

  • Warranty service of the Lucid 5

The Lucid mattress equipped with a ten years warranty and 120 days of the tension-free trial period from the date you purchase. During the period of the warranty, the policy will provide you with the mattress in proportion to the cost of distribution.

  • Lucid 5 Inch Mattress Cost

Everyone needs to save money, thus why you will purchase the mattress that you get the best deal. When you want to buy the bed, you must know the design for the consecutive impression of more than ten years of regular use.

  • Durability

However, with the quality and durability expected of the materials that you receive, it can make it valuable. The good thing with Lucid five you can save up to 70% of the retail brands, thus includes the commission and low cost.

  • Minimum off-Grass

Lucid mattress manufactures many products, thus why most of the time, they release volatile organic compounds. You can not notice any smell when you set up your bed. With Lucid 5, you will find the beautiful bouquet.

  • Lucid Sinkage Test and Edge Support

The sinking weight of the Lucid mattress on the edges of the knee near the body. It applied 130-pound pressure to the area of about 9 inches by 7 inches and sank 1/7-inch long sued. You will get excellent support in the plush and firm environment.

  • Sleep So Cool

Lucid mattress 5 is 100% natural Talalay latex. This breathable material keeps your bed relaxed and comfortable while you are sleeping. The top layer of the wool provides a natural absorbent wicking material that helps to maintain the bed at a specific temperature when you are sleeping.


  • No joke, not one of these mattresses sags in two years. No flipping required to keep them comfy. Neither the memory foam on top nor the base foam layer underneath has shown any signs of wear.
  • The smell some reviews are talking about you don’t even remember. Its fragrance is perfect; you will never get anyway else.
  • They come with a removable, washable zipper case. Clutch if you have messy boys and like clean beds. It’s not waterproof, though, so if you need protection, be sure to get an appropriate mattress pad.
  • All six mattresses went from pancakes to fully inflated in a few hours.
  • Once you purchase this mattress, you will sleep like a dream every night, and when you leave the house for road trips or vacations, they look forward to coming home to sleep again.
  • Easy to unwrap from the shipping package. They give you a letter opener, so you do not damage the mattress.


  • It is not the best mattress for kids. They can feel wooden slats that support the mattress.
  • The length is short

Buying Guide of The Lucid 5″ Gel Memory Mattress

Finding the best mattress that is comfortable, durable, and affordable is most of the people look for before purchasing. The extra component that justifies a famous bed, Lucid 5 Mattress that sets the best mattress. The function of the foam for the type of sleeper, thus including children and early. However, the bed covered with organic cotton that assists in calming the sleeping surface.

  • Material

As you think about the choice of your Lucid five mattress, it is essential to consider the content available and the advantages of each. The best mattress is made from polyester blends, memory foam, wool, and feather. Those materials are desirable and durable when used in the bed.

  • Size

The best Lucid five mattress are available for any size that you wishes to purchase. You need to suggest the best mattress according to the size of your house that can fit correctly. The lowest size accessible for adult sleepers is identical, although it is scarcely large sufficient to provision one normal adult. Twin beds effort best in a kid’s room or a replacement guest room. Two grownups would likely not texture comfortable distribution a twin bed for elongated. A full mattress is offered in an extended distance for tall sleepers. Pieces, blankets, and pillowcases for the full-size bed are informal to discovery.

  • Cleanability

The idea of cleaning your mattress rarely crosses your mind. Cleaning the best mattress Lucid 5 on the market depends on the material from which are made, but doing so will keep the sleeping surface free of dust. Each type of mattress Lucid 5 can be cleaned to extend and follow manufactured instructions. The quality of the bed Lucid is a good investment but can be cared for the last and provides the comfort of your couch.

  • Price

It is your choice to spend on the mattress you need. If you purchase an expensive mattress that you are comfortable, then you may not need to buy the most costly Lucid that you come across. It would help if you bought a mattress according to your budget.

Final Thought

If you want a firm and no-nonsense mattress at the rock bottom price, then I will recommend Lucid 5 mattress maybe your looking for. The Lucid mattress comes with a warranty of 5 years. This mattress could serve you many years to come if you buy it. It covers 5 inches.

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