Lucid 14- inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid 14- inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress

Have you heard about the traditional memory foam mattress? If not, this article is for you? This mattress can make you feel hot when you are sleeping on this type of surface. The cover comes with the layer of the bamboo charcoal memory foam of the first thermal regulation and the superior softness. The Lucid 14 inch plus memory Foam mattress has a ventilated design. However, they place the gel foam layer on top of the contact sleeper skin that is direct. At the base of the mattress is a high-density foam that offers ample sample support. Another thing the memory foam is infused with the gel, thus why you only need to add the cooling, but it will assist support the regular memory foam.

Lucid 14- inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Most of the people who are weighing above your head the normal are usually like to sleep warm as they sink in extra and more heat that is needed to disperse. This mattress lets air pass through, which turns to keep you from sleeping on the way hotbed.  The density of the bed is an extra difference between the secure gel model and the plush perfect. Lucid 14 inch takes a 5.3 IBM advanced density gel of the recollection foam.

Key Features

  • Warranty

It has a guarantee of the 25-years limited manufactured. It is perfect for everybody, no matter the weight of the sleeping position of the surface.

  • Help the bad back

The memory foam on the top of the supportive based a plush feel. If you have a problem with the back pain, then that does not matter if the bed is firm. If you need a comfortable mattress foam that you can relax your back without back pain, then LUCID 14 mattress can be best for you. This mattress will provide you with both comfy conformabilities for people with a substantial body.

  • A dual memory foam layer

The top of the mattress is supportive and based to create a medium-push feel.

  • The mattress is Firm or Soft

This mattress has a relatively firmer of the 3 IBM density gel foam that is central, and it set a soft 1-inch bamboo charcoal coating on the topmost of the bed. However, the top layer of the bed is employed on the pillow upper to enhance extra plush and lax feel to type sleepers feel detached on a cloud. If you buy this mattress, it will permit you to sink 4 inches, and you will like comfy slumber, and it offers sustenance for the curve.

Stomach sleeper is preferring a firmer mattress, but LUCID 14-inch plush manages to be the top choice for the stomach, side, and back sleepers. Even though it is appraised a 5 out of 5 on the solidness scale, it is still firm enough to be steady. On the off chance that you ordinarily wake up with numb arms or legs, this mix of extravagant and firm is an astounding arrangement.


The long-lasting durability and strength are a priority. Lucid 14 mattresses are made of the durable, and it stands up to the regular and daily uses with the proper care. This mattress made of the last, and you can expect to enjoy on when sleeping also supports for some years to come.


  • Easily affordable
  • The mattress is comfortable and has multiple and compliment soft.
  • It has anti-bacterial
  • Try Lucid Plush 14 for 30 night to see if is right for you
  • 25-years warranty
  • Free shipping. Once you purchase it arrives within 2 to 7 business day
  • You will not feel back pain again if you sleep on LUCID 14
  • You can also unzip and wash your cotton cover
  • Cooling properties with the ten percent Tencel cover and gel-infused memory foam
  • Its four-inch of memory foam supports your pressure point and joints
  • Lucid 14 is breathable or ventilated. Thus it keeps you cool at night. It will also reduce the likelihood that can mold and bacteria spore that will breed and can grow and also control the odor of the mattress.


  • It’s cumbersome. LUCID 14 is thick and substantial; this mattress you cannot carry alone; you need people to help you.
  • It not suitable for non-sleep activity; because the memory foam bed, engages body weight and does not restore its original shape quickly.
  • Some of the people who used it reported sinkage in the areas where areas they sleep after using the mattress for some time.
  • The side are more supportive

Buying Guide of The lucid 14-inch plush memory foam mattress


Before deciding which one do need, check the importance of the bed. The 14-inch mattress is the best for your family without problems. However, the more you weigh, the thicker you will want your bed to be.


When it comes to comparing the different niche of the mattress, you will need to filter out anything that is less than 10 inches. The decision is yours on the desire the bed you may need to sleep on in the future.


This mattress is expensive as compared to others due to the material. If you are looking for the exact amount or the one you can afford. You can check the review of the Lucid 14 here for the better bed solution. Some of the memory foam mattresses can cost you more up to the $3,000.  Therefore, you can decide the price that fits you according to the budget you have.


Maybe you are looking for the quality memory foam mattress at a reasonable price. Then look no further LUCID 14 Inch luxurious memory foam mattress. This mattress also is right for the healthy version of the memory foam mattress with a more luxurious, soft feel. Therefore, the bed can go for your list if you want to purchase one soon.

Another important thing you will like about LUCID 14, ventilated cover. Therefore the gel-infused memory foam features for the hot sleeper. You can check the above review before deciding to purchase.

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