How Applications Can Help People Fight Their Anxiety

How Applications Can Help People Fight Their Anxiety?

In the 21st-century mental health is becoming a common problem. People nowadays are facing several disorders like depression, anxiety, sadness, and self-harm. But the highest number of such illnesses is more common in teenagers and young communities than adults. There are many reasons for this anxiety in students and teenagers that can be severe stress due to exams, competition, and grades, etc.

How Applications Can Help People Fight Their Anxiety?

There are different applications in today’s world to overcome such disorders and issues. Among different application the most helpful apps to help you with anxiety are discussed below:


This application is best to fight anxiety issues by guided pharmaceutical remedies. This app is easy to use, friendly to users and helps people overcome their anxiety problems easily.


People who are facing the issues of insomnia can get a lot of help from this app. Some people don’t find audios beneficial so this app provides video interactions with their users and also provides them with guided medicine. This application is easily available to all kinds of users of IOS, androids, and Google extensions.

Pride Counseling

This application is the best therapy app for the marginal group. The LGBTQ+ community mostly faces biased behavior that results in different mental issues. These mental issues can also result in changes in the human body and can bring the worst effects in their life. Pride counseling is an app that provides therapy sessions, webinars, and face-to-face counseling to overcome anxiety disorders. This application is so helpful to reduce depression and attacks. This app comes with various monthly and annual subscriptions.


This app is so beneficial for insomnia and comes with proper medication. This app has a basic version that is free of cost.

Characteristics of Breethe

This app comes with additional characters for kids, teens, and adults. Different features like playlist, reading, stories, master classes, and a 12-week program are featured in this application. A daily reminder can be used in this app for your daily activities.

This app offers different subscription charges for additional features. One can pay 12.95$ for the monthly subscription. An annual premium subscription is for 89.95$ and for a lifetime purchase you can pay 49.95$ one time.

People dealing with anxiety and depression are advised to use this app and is highly recommended as this app gives instant results in few minutes and the app has a high rating of 4.7 which does not change.

This app helps people overcome anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks by the medication and activities with more than 1500 stories. These activities involve soothing background for sound sleep and different activities for proper sleeping. This app also includes a peaceful alarm clock to start your day friendly.

How does the anxiety app works?

Different anxiety apps have different modes of working. Some apps come with proper medication, peaceful activities for sound sleep, and various activities to reduce anxiety levels. These apps are so important to shift your mind from the worries and give different paths to recover from the illness. If someone is facing several anxiety issues, all of these apps are very helpful for them.

What can you pay for these apps?

As some apps are made to help people to fight their illnesses so they work free of cost but some apps that come with premium services and counselors demand some money. Still, the least average cost for these apps is 70$ annually.

How anxiety apps are ranked?

All the above-mentioned apps are listed under their ranks, prices, and ratings. To help anxiety, all these mentioned apps are easy to use and cost-friendly. These apps are very useful to help with anxiety and they can consult professional counselors using these applications.

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