7 iOS App Development Company Trends in 2021

7 iOS App Development Company Trends in 2021

These are 7 iOS app development company trends which you can follow in 2021

The mobile app development firms are booming at an accelerated speed. TV is replaced with IoT-based remote controller apps, cinema theatres and TVs are replaced by subscription-based OTT apps. They need no investment in setting up large halls and can still charge millions of viewers for their services. Business owners looking to offer similar services to their iPhone users. They can either ask their in-house team to build apps or hire an iOS app development company from a third-party mobile app development firm.

But is your app really commercial? What if it isn’t in demand? Here is a list of the top 7 trends you need to keep in mind before reaching out to an iOS app development company to build the app:

1.Foldable devices

New reports confirm that Apple is planning to launch its first-ever foldable device by 2023. The prototypes are ready and we can expect the mobile device to officially announce its launch soon.

Foldable devices will offer a larger screen to users. The app UI would be unlike the conventional app user interfaces. They will keep changing when the users switch between the screen modes.


iPhone pixels are detailed and are capable of more than just taking mesmerizing clicks. The likes of Pokemon Go have transformed the mobile app experience. Imaginary creatures in real-life surroundings can engage the users for a long. 

Camera apps like Faceapp gained fame overnight thanks to the excellent use of Artificial intelligence. The app adds filters to user’s photos to show what they can look like, when their gender is changed, when they get younger or older, etc.

3.Wearable apps

Wearables are getting popular. Their numbers have almost doubled from 453 to 929 million in a span of 4 years between 2017 and 2021. Advanced features like constant heart and oxygen saturation monitoring have become an important part of every person. 

WatchOS, unlike any other wearable device, can work freely on iPhone devices. This opens an entirely new platform for app developers. They can develop apps specific to just WatchOS making the best of its in-built features.

4.IoT-enabled iOS apps

IoT-powered mobile apps are here for some electronic accessories such as remote controllers. The apps provide access to electronic devices of every kind- Air conditioners, TV sets, you name it. IoT enabled to play a lead role in garages and centers where hygiene plays a key role.

5.Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are increasingly popular among iPhone users. The ease of carrying mobile phones and lightning-fast transactions makes it highly popular among users.

The app store has some loyalty plans that add up to these services.

6.On-demand apps

The global pandemic has transformed the ways things were bought or ordered, especially in the locality. Projects like Uber for X will help deliver everything on your doorstep- ranging from medicines, groceries, food items, and more.

On-demand Taxi and Bike apps are no less popular especially for an audience that had long depended on transport.

7.Consultation apps

The need for online meeting apps has surged amid strict Covid19 lockdowns. Users can schedule appointments with doctors for audio and video calls. They can share documents and prescripts for quality discussion.

iOS app developers can build similar apps for lawyers and other experts where the in-person meet is an essence.

Final words

2021 is promising for iOS app companies. The market welcomes changes in all forms and it leaves iOS developers with endless possibilities to develop apps that touch real life.

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